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Sunshine Blogger Tag!

Hello Unicorn babes it’s Lori!🦄✨

Forgive me for not posting for a while! I’ve been catching up on my ARC August reads & I can’t wait to post the books I’ve read!

Well I was tagged by Emma aka Reading Through The Night! Thanks for tagging me hun!✨

1) What are some TV shows or movies that you would recommend

– I would totally recommend T.V shows such as Rick & Morty, Supernatural, Game Of Thrones, and Jessica Jones! 😍 I enjoy a variety of shows with different genres. 

As for movies, I would say any Marvel movies especially Spiderman Homecoming because I have a crush on Tom Holland & did a phenomenal job as Spiderman😍 Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy are also my favorites! 

As for Disney movies, I like Tangled & Moana since they are my favorite princesses👸 

2) For each of the shows or movies you listed above recommend a similar book
– For Rick & Morty I recommend the Rick & Morty comics that were previously released! 

Supernatural is a bit suspenseful and fantasy filled so I would reccommend ‘InkMistress’ by Audrey Coulthurst! InkMistress popped in my head when answering this question and is my favorite book that is to be released March 2018. It includes Demigods, Dragons, Magic, a Bisexual protagonist, and adventure! 

(The photo is mine and give photo credits and permission if used) 

If you enjoy Game Of Thrones I would recommend Daughter Of The Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller since it includes sea adventures and a kick ass female protagonist.

Last but not least, If you love Jessica Jones you would LOVE ‘Bonfire’ by Krysten Ritter aka the actress who plays Jessica Jones! The show and her book involves investigation which I’m in love with.

3) Do you have any reading habits? (like reading with candles or in the bath etc)

– Hmmm.. Well I don’t have any reading habits that I know of… unless occasionally snacking or drinking tea which reading?

4) What is the last book you went to a bookshop and bought?

– The last book I went to buy from a bookstore was ‘Joyland’ by Stephen King which I did like by the way. I expected it to be more suspenseful, but it was more life lessons of a teenage guy and supernatural amusement park stories. The artwork of the book is incredibly vintage which I loved!

5) Do you tend to reread books?

– To be completely honest I want to reread books, but I like to read more newly released novels since I hardly have time. 

6) Do you use goodreads? If so how do you use it?

– I do in fact use Goodreads and keep track of process of my books I’m currently reading, and adding onto my TBR list that is NEVER ending. 

7) What is the thinnest book on your shelf?
– The thinnest book on my shelf would be Coraline by Neil Gaiman and The Impetus series! 

8) What are your favorite fantasy/sci-fi diverse reads?

– My favorite diverse fantasy and scifi reads is InkMistress, Of Fire And Stars. I haven’t completed many diverse books as I’d like to, sadly. I have many on my diverse book on my TBR list that I haven’t read yet!

 P.s ALL AMERICAN BOYS, MILES MORALES and WARCROSS are diverse reads that will be posted soon! 

9) Do you annotate or tab your books? If so how? (I am considering doing this myself)

– Well I do NOT like to write in my books because they are my babies. But I do mini folds at the top of pages that I love if it made a significant impact on me. 

10) Who are some characters you relate to?

– I can definitely relate to Asra from InkMistress, Cleopatra Selene from Cleopatra Moon, and Monty from Gentleman’s Guide Of Vice And Virtue. 

Thank you for reading my Sunshine Blogger Award Tag! 

Lori’s QOTD: What book are you excited to read that is releasing later this year? Possibly give me recommendations of books to read! ☺️

See you guys later & thank you for stopping by! I love you & have a magical day🦄✨

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