Review Policy


Hello! If you didn’t know already, I’m Lori. If you don’t mind, I have a few guidelines for books I tend to review.
I’m open to most genres of literature within the Young Adult category including (but not limited to):

– Fantasy
– Sci-fi
– Thriller/Mystery
– Historical Fiction
– Action/Adventure
– Dystopian
– Romance


I primarily review Young Adult novels that have been provided by publishers, due to time constraints and a constantly growing pile of books to review— Not every book we receive are guaranteed to be reviewed quickly. I currently accept a very limited amount of individual requests and rarely accept self published books. Acceptance of a request will depend on time, availability, and interest in the story.

I only accept published physical copies in ARC or Final copy format is accepted. All summaries/blurbs featured before a review are taken from Goodreads, the ARC back cover, or the publisher’s website.

*Reminder: For the respect of my audience my reviews are 100% my honest opinions & will not be paid to favor.*

My Review System is as follows:

58CD5D31-4E42-46F8-B1AF-10AB4EDBDC5E.jpeg5/5 Stars: I love it & I highly recommend!

4/5 Stars: Great, give it a try

3/5 Stars: Okay, a decent read. Don’t hate it or love it.

2/5 Stars: Meh, I didn’t enjoy it


1/5 Stars: Would not recommend/ DNF (Did Not Finish)


In addition to posting here, we share all of our posts across a variety of social media and cross-post reviews to Goodreads and Amazon. If you’re interested feel free to email me at “” & I will respond to you shortly!

Best, Lori