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Sunshine Blogger Tag!

Hello Unicorn babes it's Lori!🦄✨ Forgive me for not posting for a while! I've been catching up on my ARC August reads & I can't wait to post the books I've read! Well I was tagged by Emma aka Reading Through The Night! Thanks for tagging me hun!✨ 1) What are some TV shows or… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Tag!

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Tips For Contacting Publishers Or Agents!

Hello you magical beings, it's Lori!☺️ I hope your weekend is going off to a wonderful start! Tell me how your weekend is going by commenting any books you've read, things you did, events you attended, anything! I'm curious & would like to know! Well I've always wanted to post useful tips on how to… Continue reading Tips For Contacting Publishers Or Agents!

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Tips To Read Books You Love For Low Or No Cost!

Hello Beautiful humans, it's Lori here!☺️ Haven't you always wanted to read specific books, but can't afford them? Well I completely understand the urge to read books, and not having money or transportation to go. Therefore, I wanted to inform you about the couple of tips I read new anticipated novels or ones I've always… Continue reading Tips To Read Books You Love For Low Or No Cost!