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💙 Book Tag: Tom Holland Edition❤️

Hello loves, it’s Lori here! Happy June 1st aka Pride Month & Tom Holland’s birthday!

Did I hear you say “who is Tom Holland?” First of all, how do you not know who he is? Well my dear friend, I’m here to help. He’s one of my personal favorite actor’s, celebrity crush, and my favorite Spiderman EVER.

Why am doing a tag dedicated to this wonderful person? Because TODAY is his birthday (June 1st) and I wanted to show my appreciation ☺️

I created this Book Tag with a series of questions based on the movies he’s appeared in and will answer them with book related answers.

Feel free to also do the tag & answer these questions! If you do decide to do this tag, please credit me and feel free to tag me because I’d love to read your answers! 😊

Here we go….

1. Captain America: Civil War (2016) – A book with two characters disagreeing, causing a rift of two group of friends.

The first book that came to mind was definitely The Renegades By Marissa Meyer! The Renegade and Anarchists groups have a heavy feud between each other. Marissa Meyer challenges the idea of everything not being Black & White. There is always more to a story than two sides.

2. Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) – A book with a protagonist in High school or a Coming of age story

There are honestly SO many books with characters in high school, but my personal favorite was The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas. Starr is one of my favorite characters EVER and I’m wondering why she isn’t my best friend yet??

3. Infinity War (2018)- A book filled with a huge cast of characters that come together

If you’ve read The Lorien Legacy Series, then you’ll know there are many characters from around the world who come together to fight for humanity. It’s an epic sci-fi series I grew fond of and part of why I like to read.

4. The Impossible (2012)- A book with a natural disaster occurring

A few years ago I read “The Girl With All The Gifts By M.R. Carey” which is an apocalyptic zombie read. I wouldn’t call it a natural disaster, but it’s close enough haha. Even though it wasn’t my favorite read, the idea of plot was intriguing.

5. The Lost City Of Z (2016)- A book filled exploration and is about an expedition

The only book I read so far with adventure and exploration is Gray Wolf Island By Tracey Neithercott. All the characters had such a close bond like no other and the secrets left untold were interesting.

6. In The Heart Of The Sea (2015)- A book with characters traveling across the sea or lost/stranded.

Hmm….I would say Daughter Of The Pirate King By Tricia Levenseller! This book features badass pirates, sirens and traveling across the sea. It was such a fun read and one of the first books that got me into YA!

7. Pilgrimage (2017)- A book featuring religious beliefs

I wasn’t sure If spirituality counts as religious beliefs, but I’m going to say Children Of Blood & Bone By Tomi Adeyemi and Bruja Born By Zoraida Cordova! Both books are action packed and involve badass powers that I loved.

8. The Edge Of Winter (2016)- A character in a book that is fighting to survive.

Bubblegum By Sari Taurez is an action packed book from start to finish. This book definitely has characters fighting for their life and absolutely terrifying.

9. The Secret World Of Arrietty (2010)- A graphic novel featuring friendship

I’m currently reading my first graphic novel, Spinning By Tillie Walden. It’s such a great coming out story, self discovery and friendship.

Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this fun tag I created☺️

Lori’s QOTD: What’s YOUR favorite movie Tom Holland was featured in? Comment below, I’m curious! Let’s appreciate Tom together.

Until next time, Lori

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7 thoughts on “💙 Book Tag: Tom Holland Edition❤️

  1. Omg this is such a cute tag! I love Tom Holland as Spider-Man and honestly he should be the only Spider-Man! I would love to see you do more tags!

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