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This Or That Book Tag!

Hello loves, it’s Lori! I was tagged (I forgot who tagged me. I deeply apologize AH) and it was really fun to do! I tag anyone who’s currently reading this & feel free to tag me because I’d love to see your answers hehe☺️

1) Audiobook OR Text book?

I love both, but Audiobooks will always have a special place in my heart. They’ve helped me out of book slumps, I also listen to them when I do chores and I genuinely read books faster by Audiobooks for sure! I need to make sure it has a good narrator too, or it’s such a turn off.

2) Paperback OR Hardback?

Again, I love both but I grew found of collecting Hardbacks! I won’t have to worry about it getting easily damaged like paperbacks would. Plus the hardcovers can be gorgeous!

3) Fiction OR Non-fiction?

Fiction allllll day! Non-Fiction is too boring for me, I like to get lost in the story with a completely new world instead of staying in my own. Reality is boring haha.

4) Bookshop OR Online?

Hmmm…I prefer Online, but I do love the atmosphere and smell of a bookstore. It always brings peace to my soul. Ahhh this is tough. BOTH.

5) Standalone OR Trilogy?

Standalone, definitely! I don’t hate Trilogies, I can be quite impatient because I want to know everything ASAP.

6) Heavy & Long OR Short & Sweet?

Definitely short and sweet! I do enjoy heavy and long novels sometimes, but they can get tiresome after awhile.

7) Reading somewhere Cozy OR in the Sun?

I like reading somewhere cozy because I’m not a huge fan of sun. Give me a comfortable area to relax and read and I’m content!

8) Hot Chocolate OR Coffee?

Hmmm…. Hot Chocolate! Lately, I’ve been cutting down my consumption of coffee and substitute it with Tea. Plus, hot chocolate gives me cozy and relaxing holiday vibes. So, definitely hot coco!

Thanks for stopping by, loves☺️ I hope enjoyed my answers. Until next time!

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5 thoughts on “This Or That Book Tag!

  1. Such a fun tag!! I sometimes mix my hot cocoa and coffee so I do both I guess haha. It’s so interesting to hear that you enjoy audio books and that the narrator makes a difference? I’ve always had issues concentrating on audio books but have been thinking about trying to listen to them more. I definitely love bookshops so much more – it makes me feel so calm and serene whenever I’m in one and I don’t mind spending hours just browsing and exploring – online can be more convenient but not as satisfying.

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    1. Aww I’m glad you loved it!☺️ I’ve never heard of someone mixing their coffee and hot coco. WOW that is SO different! I love it haha. Yeah Narrator’s really help to get my into the story more and interests me. My favorite is definitely Rebecca Solis. She did Heartless & Renegades By Marissa Meyer! I have difficulties concentrating in audio form too, but lately I haven’t been concentrating with physical copies. I agree on the bookshop browsing though! Thank you for sharing all your answers 💫 It’s great to get to know you more by this!

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