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My March TBR!

Heeey Unicorns it’s Lori🦄✨

IT’S FINALLY MARCH AH! Time comes by SO quick!

I decided I wanted to be a bit more open about the books I’ll be reading each month & which books to expect a review from.

Plus it also helps me set a goal & have motivation to finish reading a certain amount of books each month. The books listed are in no particular order because I have a few arriving in the mail soon.

Alright….. *rubs palms together*

1. People Like Us – Dana Mele (Currently reading)

2. The Poet X – Elizabeth Acevedo

3. Heart Of Iron – Ashley Poston

4. Who Is Vera Kelly? – Rosalie Knecht

5. Ace Of Shades – Amanda Foody

6. Relative Strangers – Paula Garner

7. Renegades – Marissa Meyer

8. Nyxia – Scott Reintgen (I read, but haven’t posted review yet)

9. Asoka – E.K Johnston

10. Your One And Only – Adrianne Finlay

Let’s see how many books I’ll complete this month. I’m REALLY excited to complete as much as I can! Thanks for reading!

Lori’s QOTD: Do you have a goal for how many books you’ll read this month? If you do, let me know how many! Comment below👇

14 thoughts on “My March TBR!

  1. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on People Like Us. I read that last week. So good. Also I spy Ace of Shades. I can’t wait to read it! I just emailed the publishers so *fingers crossed* I also really want to read Renegades. I just saw they released the title for the next book. Need to get on that before November.

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    1. Aww I’m literally reading PEOPLE LIKE US at the moment & loving every second AH! I’m crossing my fingers for you get a copy of Ace Of Shades too🤞 I need to read Renegades before November too haha. Happy Reading💕

      Liked by 1 person

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