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Ace Of Shades Book Tag #Doves Edition

Hello beauties, it’s Lori here!🦄✨

Happy Thursday friends!

If you didn’t know already…I’m apart of the Ace Of Shades Street Team #Doves! I literally cried when I found out I was accepted AH!

Well my team created our own tag & answered the questions. I had so much fun doing it & I hope you enjoy my answers! Feel free to tag yourself if you’d like since I’m not tagging anyone specifically☺️

1. Ace of Shades takes place in the very mysterious, very dangerous City of Sin. Name a fictional city with a personality of it’s own!A: Well when reading ‘Gray Wolf Island” by Tracey Neithercott the Gray Wolf Island would have a mind of it’s own. The island would prevent you from discovering certain places & even whisper to you through the wind. 2. The City of Sin is home to three ruthless gangs: the Irons, the Scarhands and the Doves. Tell us about your favorite fictional criminal family/gang!A: I would totally say the Greaser gang that appears in The Outsiders by S.E Hinton is my favorite gang! *sighs and looks in the distance lovingly* Ponyboy Curtis…wow.3. Enne and Levi are about to be thrown into a deadly game… Name your favorite book in which the characters must play with, and for, their lives.A: The only book that came to mind was Warcross but they technically don’t play for their lives so I’d say Hunger games. The world of Hunger Games is crazy & I wouldn’t survive an hour in that world haha. 4. The Doves are a gang of assassins… What book you’d kill to have in your hands right now?A: Is it cheating if I say Ace Of Shades? Because I would die for a copy of Ace or Heart Of Iron for sure!5. The City of Sin is full of people with dark and complicated pasts. Name one book or book series you used to like, but don’t anymore.A: I really enjoyed the Miss Peregines Home For Peculiar series, but now I’ve grown apart from it. I read the first two books, but lost interest when about to read the third book.6. With complicated pasts abound, we can find many… burnt cinnamon rolls, so to speak. Name a character that has prickly and tough exterior, but is actually a sweetheart deep down!A: The first person who popped in my head was John from Speak Easy, Speak Love by Mckelle George! He looks and acts tough, but cares so much for his family & friends. I would also say Holden from The Catcher In The Rye. He has a tough and rebellious nature in the exterior, but had a soft spot for his younger sister7. Not only anti-heroes live in the Ace of Shades world! In New Reynes, one can find plenty of villains as well. Which bookish character do you just love to hate?A: I absolutely hate the character number five in the ‘I Am Number Four’ series. He never fails to piss me off. He’s manipulative & selfish which leads to his own friends dying. 8. You, much like our main character Enne’s mother, went missing in the City of Sin. The main character from the last book you read is the one looking for you… How screwed are you?A: Actually I don’t think I’d be very screwed at all because Odessa from Reign Of The Fallen book is known for her navigation within the deadlands so I doubt I’d be lost very long. Her nickname is also Sparrow so….. I believe in her lol. Lori’s QOTD: If you lived in the City Of Sin within the Ace Of Shades world, what’s your weapon of choice? ⚔️ Comment Below!👇(Mine would probably be a sword or gun).

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    1. Awww I love characters who are tough on the outside, but are sweethearts on the inside too!☺️ So yes, I definitely recommend you reading Speak Easy, Speak Love. Also, it’s a Shakespeare ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ retelling so that’s awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog love💕

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