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Diverse YA Novels W/Empowering Female Protagonists

Hiii Unicorn lovers it’s Lori!πŸ¦„βœ¨ I’ve missed you all very much!

In honor of the revolutionary #WomensMarch, #MeToo, & #FutureIsFemale that occurred across the United States & Canada today, I wanted to make a post with badass female protagonists in Diverse books that are my personal favorite Feminist Icons.

< em>Reminder: Women can be sensitive, nurturing, vulnerable but that does NOT mean we are weak. Women can also be badass, confident and stand their ground without being called a β€œBitch” just because we speak our mind. We can be and act any way we’d like to, Thank You very much. Overall, just be YOU. *Plays Run The World By BeyoncΓ¨*< img src=”; class=”wp-image-420 size-full” height=”90″ width=”728″>< strong>1) Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu< strong>< strong>2) Inkmistress by Audrey Coulthurst < img src=”; class=”size-full wp-image-423″ height=”1280″ width=”960″>< em>(If used, please give credit because it’s my personal photo). < strong>3) Among The Red Stars By Gwen Katz< img src=”; class=”size-full wp-image-424″ height=”475″ width=”303″>< strong>4) Daughter Of The Pirate King By Tricia Levenseller< img src=”; class=”wp-image-425 size-full” height=”475″ width=”314″>< strong>5) Warcross By Marie Lu< img src=”; class=”wp-image-426 size-full” height=”475″ width=”311″>< strong>6) Children Of Blood & Bone By Tomi Adeyemi< img src=”; class=”size-full wp-image-427″ height=”2836″ width=”1856″>< strong>7) Bubblegum By Sari Taurez< img src=”; class=”size-full wp-image-428″ height=”500″ width=”323″>< strong>8) Speak Easy, Speak Love By Mckelle George< strong>9) The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas< img src=”; class=”size-full wp-image-430″ height=”2550″ width=”1688″>< strong>10) Star Wars Ahsoka By E.K Johnston< img src=”; class=”size-full wp-image-431″ height=”748″ width=”528″>< strong>Lori’s QOTD: Do you have a favorite Feminist Icon within a novel, Hollywood or your Family? If so, who is it & why do they inspire you? Comment Below!πŸ‘‡

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