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Tips For Contacting Publishers Or Agents!

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Well I’ve always wanted to post useful tips on how to approach a publishing company for people who need it!
For new people to the book community, ARC’s are Advanced Reader Copies.

I also wanted to mention, Do NOT contact authors for copies of their books because it’s asking them to pay money out of their pocket. Since they receive limited quantities of their books. Always contact Author’s Agents Or Publishers, and be respectful as possible! These books aren’t just Free Copies.

I didn’t know that term when I became apart of the community so, now you know! 🙂

  • Identify Yourself — Who are you to them?

What I mean by that is, are you a Book Blogger/Booktuber/Bookstagram who reviews books?
Are you a Librarian who wants certain books to be available in their local library?
Are you a Teacher who needs copies to teach their children?
If you said no, publishers are not likely to mail you Advanced Reader Copies to you, SORRY! But don’t give up hope! I still have Tips for those who aren’t bloggers! (It’s near the bottom of this post, you’re welcome).

2) Set A Writing Layout To Use
When emailing an agent or publisher, inform them of the following:

  • Your Name

Ex: “Hello! My name is ______, and…”

  • Your Blog + # of followers

Ex: “I write reviews on my blog ______ that has 500 followers.”

  • List any other social media’s such as Twitter, Instagram etc. + # of followers

Ex: “My Twitter is @____ with 1,345 followers and Instagram @___ with 500 followers.” 

  • What specific book(s) do you want to review?

Ex: “I would like to inform you if you could allow me to review…”

  • Why do you want to review those books? And pay money to ship it to you?

Ex: “This novel would appeal to my audience because…” 

  • Insert your address in the same email. They may not have time to wait for you to email back.
  • Most importantly, Say Thank you! 

They took time to read your email, and possibly ship your book to you! 

Ex: “I would love to thank you for taking your time to read this email.” 
3) Figure Out Who To Email

This can be a Publishing Company or an Agent. Look for their contact information preferably their email or contact form. You can find their contact by an Author’s contact that listed their agent.
Here Are A FEW Publishing Companies You Could Contact…

  • Penguin Teen

Fill Of This Form FIRST, then THIS one!

  • Penguin
  • Sky Horse Publishing Email:

4) “Hey Lori, What If I’m Not A Blogger?” – You

Well, It’s OK if you aren’t a book blogger, school, library, or teacher you CAN still receive FREE BOOKS, BUT you still have to review your honest opinions after reading it on the website you received it on. You don’t have a deadline, but it’s essential that you review it.
Here are a couple of websites that do this….
*Note: I do not use all, only some of these websites myself, but know others who use it.*

  • Goodreads Giveaways
  • Giveaways From Other Bloggers

Hopefully these tips helped you as an upcoming book blogger Or a non-blogger who wants to read books!
If you liked this post Or want more like this Like/Comment to let me know!
Thank you for reading loves!

Have a Majestic Day!🦄✨
– Lori☺️📚
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    1. Aww thank you!☺️ I wanted to reassure others who aren’t bloggers that they can still still receive ARC’s too📚 Thank you so much for utilizing this post, it means so much✨


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