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Want Realistic? Paula Garner Got You Covered!

This is a non-spoiler review, enjoy!

Title: Phantom Limbs

Author: Paula Garner
Goodreads rating: 3.99/5

MY rating: 4.5/5
Through the point of view of Otis, the protagonist, he has a special childhood connection with his friend, Meg. Until Meg, and her family moved away because of an event, death of Otis’ brother that caused a downfall in their friendship. He also has an interest in swimming, and being coached as an Olympic swimmer. But when Meg moves back into town he faces untold feeling within himself to arise about the grief of his brother, and best friend. Will there still conflict or back to the normal friendship they’ve had? Read, and find out!

My Thoughts
Before reading the novel I expected it to be less emotional, and less realism, but it was the exact opposite! This novel has made me feel many emotions, but it isn’t TOO overwhelming which is great.

When reading an excerpt of the ‘Phantom Limbs’ my initial thought was, this is certainly captivating me, I must continue. This novel fulfilled a sense of realism, heartbreak, friendship, and love. After completing it, it left me wanting more of everything, especially the characters! My favorite particular books are ones that are coming of age because after you read, you learn internally. Including the sense to adapt, and learn more in certain situations. Otis, the protagonist has a particular favorite characteristic I can compare to, Loyalty. Having a personal connection to the novel is always key for readers, such as myself. This is exactly what this novel included, and the sense of real emotions touched my heart. Thank you for writing this, I truly appreciate it Paula Garner.
I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know in the comments if you want specific books to review, and perhaps I will!
Have a Majestic day loves!

Love, Lori🦄✨


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