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Your Next Fantastic LGBTQ Read!

Photo Credit to Epic Reads for a well illustrated photo for the novel of Simon Vs Homo Sapiens Agenda.
Title: Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda
Published: March 25, 2015
Author: Becky Albertalli
My Rating: 5/5!
Fun Fact: This novel is incredibly heartwarming, addictive and a fun filled romance. By this, it is confirmed to be made into a movie! It will be appearing in theaters on March 2018, so look forward to seeing it in theaters soon!
Since this novel is becoming a movie you should read it ASAP! It will for sure not disappoint your inner emotions for a cute romance of a Gay Protagonist and his love interest who is an anonymous character later revealed in the novel! What to find out? Well you will have to read to discover who he is!
This YA LGBTQ romance novel is set in Georgia with a 16 year old male protagonist who is not openly gay by the name, Simon Spier. He has a secret and anonymous internet love interest with a guy named Blue. Simon’s secret love interest is exposed when a classmate, Martin discovers that Simon didn’t sign out of his email account. Therefore, Martin has access to Simon’s emails and realizes he’s secretly gay with an online companion.

Martin utilizes his knowledge and photos of Simon’s secret emails by blackmailing him. Martin’s intentions is to date Abby, one of Simon’s bestfriends in exchange for keeping the emails confidential. But blackmailing isn’t always confidential, and soon word spreads online about Simon being gay. Which leads to Simon’s exposure and the identity of his online relationship partner as well. Simon also discovers that Blue is a person who attends the same high school as him, but who is he? Will they meet? And will the person revealed be someone who shocks you? Maybe. Find out by reading!
*I want to inform the audience that this novel is an excellent coming of age story, but does have a few topics that may be triggers for certain people. Simon is a subject of being bullied for being gay and includes profanity. If that isn’t your interest I don’t recommend reading it.*
Overall, I absolutely admire Becky Albertalli’s detailed writing by portraying Simon as a realistic teenager who loves Oreos and a lovable relationship with the people around him. This is one of my favorite books I admire. I totally recommend it for you!
If you have any more ideas I missed about this title, make sure to comment! Or email me at to recommend novels for me to read and review!
Have a majestic day beautiful people! Love, Majestic Lori🦄✨


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